Duel of Podcasts

Hear ye, hear ye!  Good people of the Interweb.

A despicable lie has been posted against my person by a Machiavellian lady named Gretchen Carlson who runs a scientifically driven podcast, Martial Journeys, she also magically created a YouTube Channel to spread this science witchcraft .

She is skilled in so called science, which we all know is really black magic, trickery and witchcraft.

No self-respecting hikite believer would not pick up the gauntlet once challenged to a duel.  And I shall not avoid this confrontation against the dark forces of science!

In order to defy the Gretchen mumbo jumbo I need your likes and shares. Let’s get the #hikite4ever army together and chase the witch away! Lie this post

You can read her attack on my person here

This war can only have one winner and it will be common sense that will prevail, not science.  The loser will be shamed by being dipped in hot tar and rolled in feathers or will be asked to record an embarrassing clip on the subject of hikite!

Join me now for this crusade!

Kind regards,

Count Bubka.