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Kihon Kata

In our style there are three Kihon Kata, this forms are design as transition from traditional  Kata (self-defence) to modern sports sparring, hope you will enjoy the clip. If you would like to support us subscribe to our channel.

Mawashi Uke

This video demonstrates our way of viewing use of the technique in this case Mawashi Uke. Off balancing- Kuzushi or Nage Joint locks- Tuite or Kansetsu waza Strikes – Atemi Apologies for bad quality, video was done quickly after training session 🙂

Seminar weekend

Last weekend, the 20-21st of June, our club took part in two events. The first was a seminar with Sensei Kris Wilder on the Saturday that covered the kata Sanchin from Goju Ryu Karate.  This event was organised by Sensei Matt Jardine from Jardine Karate in Kingston and I […]

Video about Thigh Kick/Mawashi Geri Gedan

Last week I published an article about Mawashi Geri Gedan.  Although I can describe the details in writing I felt that it was all a bit “dry” as it forces us to use our imagination and is open to different interpretations.  Consequently this week I thought I would […]

Thigh Kick/ Mawashi Geri Gedan

This article covers how to perform thigh kicks or in Japanese, Mawashi Geri Gedan.  Around the world different martial arts and combat sports have a variety of methods for teaching and executing this technique.  Which one is the best?  The answer to this question is simple – the […]

Kano Paradox – art vs sport ?

Which approach in martial arts prepares us for self-defence – traditional or sport? This question often causes a lot of debate with traditional martial artists explaining that life threatening techniques are more useful in real life situations due to their dangerous nature. Examples of these techniques might be […]

Thoughts on the makiwara

The makiwara is a training tool in Karate used to condition our arms and legs to create powerful blows with the unarmed weapons of our body. There are divided opinions about the purpose of the makiwara.  Some old masters say that it was just a punishment tool for […]