Te Osae Uke, Nukite – Bunkai

Last night we have been working on Te osae uke followed by nukite, as in our club we try to apply most of the techniques in three ways, as a strikes, throws and joint locks. Main focus was on te osae as trapping arm and nukite as an […]

Sanchin Bunkai

Send him Kata often is performed as breathing or testing of the strength method. In our dojo we have broader use for this form, using and applying techniques in close quarter combat. Kind regards

Three Components of Martial Arts

Video by Stephan Kesting where he makes some great points about essential components of every martial art: – Techniques – Equipment – Training Methods These three components combined together make the art or a sport effective. We can have perfect technique but without appropriate equipment and training methodologies, we […]

Tensho Bunkai – Koken

Short clip of Koken techniques from the Kata Tensho, footage recorded on our seminar. About the author: Les Bubka is an experienced martial artist, personal trainer and therapist who specialises in posture, mobility and Karate.  Les works with a wide variety of clients including martial artists and athletes […]

Yoko Geri applied as a throw

After publishing my video about Bassai Dai bunkai, I received few questions about yoko geri as a throw. Please look on the video below to see explanation. Thanks for watching if you liked what you see please  Like, Share, Subscribe Kind regards Les