Kihon Kata

In our style there are three Kihon Kata, this forms are design as transition from traditional  Kata (self-defence) to modern sports sparring, hope you will enjoy the clip. If you would like to support us subscribe to our channel.

Kumite Dachi

Kumite Dachi- Fighting Stance, eight basic steps for our style of Karate About the author: Les Bubka is an experienced martial artist, personal trainer and therapist who specialises in posture, mobility and Karate.  Les works with a wide variety of clients including martial artists and athletes as well […]

Ko Gaku Shin  Philosophy

  Ko Gaku Shin – Keep your mind open to learning. We must remember to constantly learn and study. Always be a student…. As we continue to expand our knowledge and become an expert in our field, regardless of whether this is as a hobby or profession, we […]

Breath in Karate

Breathing is one of the basic functions of our body, part of an autonomous system. We do not have to learn how to do it, we are born with this ability. If you look at a baby breathing you can see that there is no struggle, breaths are […]

Art in Martial Arts

​Found on Facebook,  very interesting read, From author Jonathan Bluestein’s groundbreaking book, Research of Martial Arts: //  The Art in Martial Arts  // There are many forms of publicly acknowledged arts in this world, such as painting, sculpting, music, theatre, poetry, etc. There are also those who claim […]

Autism and Martial arts

Can martial arts help used as physical therapy for those with Autism? Dr. E. Paul Zehr in his article writes about the study supporting martial arts training as a great tool to improve communications. “Training in traditional martial arts requires physical and mental focus. As contrasted with martial arts that […]

A Simple Way to Improve Kata Understanding

For a traditional martial artist the word ‘Kata’ has a defined meaning, but for those outside of martial arts it can be a confusing term.  Kata is a Japanese word that means ‘form’.  In Karate this form is a set of movements that are performed in a sequence.  […]

Posture Modulates Action Perception

Have you ever wondered if your posture influences your actions? Marius Zimmermann, Ivan Toni, and Floris P. de Lange did, and published a paper on the subject of “Body Posture Modulates Action Perception” on 3rd of April 2013.  It is a fascinating read on the effects that our […]