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Muscle memory

Instructors in martial arts very often use the term ‘muscle memory’, but they often cannot actually explain what it means.  In this article I will try to explain my views on this topic. I will begin with some definitions for muscle memory, motor skills and subconscious reactions. These […]

Thoughts on the makiwara

The makiwara is a training tool in Karate used to condition our arms and legs to create powerful blows with the unarmed weapons of our body. There are divided opinions about the purpose of the makiwara.  Some old masters say that it was just a punishment tool for […]

Bunkai session @ our club

Here is a little insight into our approach to functional karate and kata. This video shows the first level of bunkai (application) of Tensho kata. Note that the video does not provide all the details of what we do. It is best to meet, try and feel the […]