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Firing up the club…..

In September 2015 I felt that I had had enough of martial arts. As a result I made the decision to shut down my club and to rethink in which direction I want to take my passion for martial arts. I had been lost in mixing Karate, Wrestling […]

Judo Masterclass

We all admire Olympic champions for their success.  We think “I would like to be like them” and that their lives must be so glamorous and easy. I recently had the pleasure of attending a Judo Masterclass with Karina Bryant, an Olympic medallist from London 2012.  It was […]

Kagami Biraki 2016

The members of our club were invited to take part in a Kagami Biraki celebration at The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School, run by Kyoshi Roger Payne.  I was very happy to accept their invitation as their events are always excellent.  Sensei Roger and the other instructors that […]

“Karate should be FUN”

Browsing through Facebook I have come across this quote, “Karate should be FUN”, by Jesse Enkamp. I don’t agree with this statement, I believe that Karate should not be “fun”.  Let’s start by looking at the definition of fun.  Fun can be said to be: Enjoyment, amusement, or […]

Dojo udate

It has been some time since I last wrote on here.  A lot of things have been happening with work, family and life in general.  On the martial arts front, after a couple of months reflecting on my club I have reached the conclusion that it is time […]