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Art in Martial Arts

​Found on Facebook,  very interesting read, From author Jonathan Bluestein’s groundbreaking book, Research of Martial Arts: //  The Art in Martial Arts  // There are many forms of publicly acknowledged arts in this world, such as painting, sculpting, music, theatre, poetry, etc. There are also those who claim […]

Autism and Martial arts

Can martial arts help used as physical therapy for those with Autism? Dr. E. Paul Zehr in his article writes about the study supporting martial arts training as a great tool to improve communications. “Training in traditional martial arts requires physical and mental focus. As contrasted with martial arts that […]

Unexpected friends

Doing my diploma in Personal Training and specialisation in posture with preparation for starting my own business gave me some free time on my hands. Spending all that time thinking about how to make my company grow was driving me to frustration and stress. After few days of […]

Taiso at our club

Short clip from our Taiso classes, group performing modified Tensho kata, age range from 36 to 82 years young. I’m very proud to be involved in this project with awesome people!

The Welcome Project

Two months have now passed since I started working in cooperation with The Welcome Project to provide Karate classes as a form of activity for people that suffer with mental health issues.  It is widely recognised that physical activity has a very positive impact on mental wellbeing and […]

Seminar with Jesse Enkamp

Browsing through Facebook yesterday and came across seminar with Jesse Enkamp not far from where I live. So I have booked myself on it. Looking forward to meet Jesse hope it will be good training session. More about Jesse

Learning Model at Shin Ai Do

In life we constantly learn new skills.  Starting from a young age we are introduced to different models of learning.  In Karate just like in other subjects we have to have a structure of progression through the education levels. In our Karate style we have a simple and […]