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Kumite Dachi

Kumite Dachi- Fighting Stance, eight basic steps for our style of Karate About the author: Les Bubka is an experienced martial artist, personal trainer and therapist who specialises in posture, mobility and Karate.  Les works with a wide variety of clients including martial artists and athletes as well […]

Breath in Karate

Breathing is one of the basic functions of our body, part of an autonomous system. We do not have to learn how to do it, we are born with this ability. If you look at a baby breathing you can see that there is no struggle, breaths are […]

A Simple Way to Improve Kata Understanding

For a traditional martial artist the word ‘Kata’ has a defined meaning, but for those outside of martial arts it can be a confusing term.  Kata is a Japanese word that means ‘form’.  In Karate this form is a set of movements that are performed in a sequence.  […]

Is Sitting Harmful to Your Health?

Modern lifestyle has forced us into spending much of the time in a sitting position. Most of us sit a lot through the day. We sit to eat breakfast, travelling to and from work sitting in a car or train/bus, resting on the chair while working. After we […]

Why I don’t like boxercise

Please note that this article is not intended to criticise individual instructors, but rather a comment against the current system of education and qualifications in pad work.  I love training and teaching pad work routines.  Using pads is an integral part of martial arts training and brings great […]

Mawashi Uke

This video demonstrates our way of viewing use of the technique in this case Mawashi Uke. Off balancing- Kuzushi or Nage Joint locks- Tuite or Kansetsu waza Strikes – Atemi Apologies for bad quality, video was done quickly after training session 🙂

Mobility vs Flexibility

In teaching Karate I see a lot of students struggle with kicking, moving and standing in stances. Whenever I discuss this with people they say that it is due to a lack of flexibility.  Most of them focus their efforts on improving their flexibility.  So they stretch and […]

Use of Gedan Barai

In this short article I will look at a way in which we use Gedan Barai in our school.  There are plenty of applications for this technique.  Some use it as a block/parry or, as in our case, as an attack.  There is no right or wrong way […]

Maki no gi

This short clip shows how I fold my Gi, as I have opened two new dojos, this video might help students to learn this way. There is lot of ways to fold your karate suit, I have been told this way by my teacher and that is how […]