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The enemy within

  Turning up at the dojo, just before training starts I can sense the enemy around.  He is waiting to strike.  The class lines up and starts the initial ceremony, shutting our eyes in meditation, he is here creeping around us. Training starts and as we go through […]

Firing up the club…..

In September 2015 I felt that I had had enough of martial arts. As a result I made the decision to shut down my club and to rethink in which direction I want to take my passion for martial arts. I had been lost in mixing Karate, Wrestling […]

Overthinking and Mindfulness

This Thursday, after a couple of weeks break from training, we were back in the dojo.  I have to say that I had recently lost interest in martial arts and was struggling to find the motivation to create a training programme – it felt like my interest was […]

Sensei Makiwara – valuable lesson

After nearly a year of not training on makiwara, today I decided to do workout. I had a painful surprise as I gave it a confident, strong punch. It was very uncomfortable and a rather humbling experience. It just goes to show that when you stop training regression […]

Modesty, kindness, honour and diligence

Modesty, kindness, honour and diligence – all of these qualities should go with being a black belt or master of a martial art, but are these behaviours actually being reflected?  The more I am exposed to martial artists, the more I doubt it. When I started doing martial […]

Sinusoidal Karate

Sinusoidal Karate. What do I mean? All processes in life go like a sinusoid up, and down, so does my martial arts training, specially Karate.  On the way to the mountain top we choose different paths some going up then going down, at one time we are in […]

Changes, changes, changes!

Hi there. It has been some time since I wrote an article, but I have accomplished my goals (short term) and I am able to write again. When I started this year with a clear view of what I want to do and signed up for all my […]

Something completely different

I am very passionate about martial arts and sports and so I devote a lot of my time and energy to learning about it.  As with everything sometimes we can overload ourselves with information or just simply tire of it.  I think that we can tire of a […]

Evolution of Sanchin Kata

Going through my video library I have come across an old video that captures the possible evolution of Sanchin kata. On the video we can see demonstrations by the following masters: Pan of Yong Chun Village – Yong Chun White Crane , Chen Jian Feng – Wushu Guan, […]

Trip to Poland

Since last week a lot has happened and so I have been very busy! I must start with a short review of our annual wresting seminar, which this year was a bit smaller than expected.  However, as we say in Poland “there isn’t a bad thing that doesn’t […]