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Why I don’t like boxercise

Please note that this article is not intended to criticise individual instructors, but rather a comment against the current system of education and qualifications in pad work.  I love training and teaching pad work routines.  Using pads is an integral part of martial arts training and brings great […]

Unexpected friends

Doing my diploma in Personal Training and specialisation in posture with preparation for starting my own business gave me some free time on my hands. Spending all that time thinking about how to make my company grow was driving me to frustration and stress. After few days of […]

Kata Study – Tensho

In Shin Ai Do karate every student on one stage of their progression through grades is given a kata. This kata is specially chosen to suit his or her ability and character. This kata is the main one to study. You need to know other forms within the […]

Aggressive sales, email lists ….

I have been qualified as a personal trainer for over a year now and have dutifully joined professional governing bodies that regularly send out magazines, links to web articles etc. in order to help you keep up-to-date with the latest developments and fashions.  In particular they provide a […]

Moral spine of Karate

  When I started my training in martial arts I did not think about all of the culture, rules and traditions – “I just wanted to kick some ass!”  As I was always one of the smallest on my estate I tried everything to make myself bigger and […]

What is Taiso

A group of not so young people starts to gather at the hall, buzzing from the excitement, happily chatting about new moves that they are going to do today and which moves from last week they remember. The hall is quickly filled with a group, with ages varying […]

The Welcome Project

Two months have now passed since I started working in cooperation with The Welcome Project to provide Karate classes as a form of activity for people that suffer with mental health issues.  It is widely recognised that physical activity has a very positive impact on mental wellbeing and […]

Learning Model at Shin Ai Do

In life we constantly learn new skills.  Starting from a young age we are introduced to different models of learning.  In Karate just like in other subjects we have to have a structure of progression through the education levels. In our Karate style we have a simple and […]