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Interview with Mike Turbitt

This week my guest on Accidental Podcast is Mike Turbitt, founder of Team Black Belt, authority on teaching children and author of How to Build Black Belt Business book. I follow Mike’s work for few years now, and admire his passion for teaching children, his enthusiasm is highly […]

Who is Les?

Welcome to this corner of the internet, my name is Les and I promote Karate for mental and physical health. I’m really glad that you have joined me. I hope that you will find my content interesting, thought provoking and useful. Thank you for watching. If you would […]

Overcoming Obstacles with Tiffany Richards

In this episode I talk with Tiffany Richards from the Peaceful Warrior and Healing Centre. Our conversation revolves around mental health, overcoming obstacles, infuriating martial artists and a female perspective on self-defence for women. You can sense that Tiffany is super passionate about her martial arts. It was […]

Practical Taekwondo with Ciaran McDonald

In the world of Karate, the practical Karate movement is a growing in popularity. This phenomenon is not only seen in Karate. In this episode I have the pleasure of talking with Ciaran McDonald, from Old School Perspectives on Taekwon-do, who’s book is creating ripples around traditional Taekwondo circles. […]

Karate Lies

For many years I could not find the right approach to my training. What I mean by it? I was not honest with myself, I tried to do things that I’m not too passionate about. Check out video below to learn more, if you like it please share […]

Interview with Dan Holloway

In this episode I chat with Dan Holloway, owner of the Empower Martial Arts Academy. Dan is also the author of The Martial Masters book. We talk about Dan’s journey in martial arts from Aikido to self-defence.  Dan also discusses his focus on empowering students and his family focussed academy. Dan […]

Slippery Slopes and Dark Places of Karate

Lengthy conversation with Rob Davis from Red Fish Karate, about all things Karate. Visiting the “dark place” enjoying the ride down the slippery slope of being different, and having ability to think. Exchanging thoughts and experiences about the techniques and our perception of them, exploring fear and our […]

Merry Christmas with Bah Humbug

Retrospection of the year 2020, I’m very proud what I have managed to achieve despite pandemic. If you would like to support the show with no cost to you and you shop with Amazon, please feel free to use my affiliate link, for which I get a small […]

Seasons Greetings from Les

Merry Christmas!I want to thank you for your support through this difficult year. Without you it would be not have been possible to continue to operate and run classes. In these difficult times I managed to get some of the best martial arts teachers to share their knowledge with you […]