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Changes, changes, changes!

Hi there. It has been some time since I wrote an article, but I have accomplished my goals (short term) and I am able to write again. When I started this year with a clear view of what I want to do and signed up for all my […]

Functional Movement Guru

Starting with a bit of an update on my course.   I have successfully completed my gym instructor qualification and am now getting ready for an exam on nutrition. As a part of my plan to share interesting information from others whilst I am busy, I would like to draw your […]

Myths in Karate

Due to the very intense nature of the training courses that I am doing at the moment I will be unable to write any articles for the next few weeks.  However I will endeavour to share interesting articles, videos and photos that I have come across. Hopefully after […]

Clicks and pains in the shoulder

Some of my friends complain about pain that they experience in the front of the shoulders along with a clicking noise emanating from the shoulder joint.  Their focus is on the shoulder as the obvious source of pain and so they try to rest it.  In these cases the […]


Here is a great article by Chris Manson from “Wanna be big”.  It is about the contradictions that occur in the world of fitness and how to scrutinise new trends with a critical view and common sense.  This approach can be easily applied to martial arts where every […]

Biomechanical Black Magic

This week I would like to share with you superb article by Greg Nuckols from Strength and Science, about biomechanics of the squat. Greg knowledge is impressive and I think all of the athletes who perform squats should read his articles! Have good read! squats are not hip […]

Kids, martial arts and mental health

I am a martial artist and I have always been told that practicing martial arts is beneficial for both adults and children.  For adults we can see the advantages in terms of improved fitness, psychological benefits and better coordination and self-defence skills.  Many adults report that they benefit […]

Training and the immune system

This week I would like to have a closer look at the relationship between training and health.  There is no doubt that engaging in regular physical activities improves our health.  Exercising increases the production of white blood cells, which are responsible for our immune response to infections.  In […]