Month: February 2021

Practical Taekwondo with Ciaran McDonald

In the world of Karate, the practical Karate movement is a growing in popularity. This phenomenon is not only seen in Karate. In this episode I have the pleasure of talking with Ciaran McDonald, from Old School Perspectives on Taekwon-do, who’s book is creating ripples around traditional Taekwondo circles. […]

Karate Lies

For many years I could not find the right approach to my training. What I mean by it? I was not honest with myself, I tried to do things that I’m not too passionate about. Check out video below to learn more, if you like it please share […]

Interview with Dan Holloway

In this episode I chat with Dan Holloway, owner of the Empower Martial Arts Academy. Dan is also the author of The Martial Masters book. We talk about Dan’s journey in martial arts from Aikido to self-defence.  Dan also discusses his focus on empowering students and his family focussed academy. Dan […]