Interview With Dr. James Hatch

Some time ago I was listening to a a friend’s podcast, Conversations on Karate, and they were chatting with a person that I had never heard of, Dr James Hatch.  I really enjoyed hearing about his approach to Karate, weapons training and tradition.  A lot of our views are polar opposite to each other, but at the same time I can appreciate his viewpoint and reasoning.  Fast forward a few months and here we are talking with James Sensei and having a great time exchanging our views on mental health, traditions and weapons.  Did we agree?  Well, you’ll have to listen and form your own opinion.  At one point James and I agreed that it can be embarrassing to be a foreigner in a land when you are not 100% fluent in the language – let me know who you think made the worst faux pas… 

If you would like to read more of James’ opinions and articles please check his blog:

James’ Blog

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