Done Came & Iain Abernethy Seminar

On the 8th of June I had the pleasure of attending a seminar with Don Came Sensei and Iain Abernethy Sensei.

62314619_2319714771421569_2633939679828770816_nI had met Iain before so I kind of knew what to expect from his session and I was glad that at this event he would be teaching applications of Naihanchi. I was a bit anxious about Don though as I had never met him before and I don’t know much about Kissaki Kai Karate.


When I arrived I was greeted by Iain and Don and straight away felt very welcome, everyone was friendly.

iain-logo-stamp3We started with Naihanchi where Iain chose me as his uke. It was great for me as I like to feel the technique. I learn more by feeling than watching and so in this way I got some extra sensory information to add to my work on Naihanchi. As there was an odd number of participants Don decided to join in and partner with me. Actually, this is worth mentioning as it’s not often on seminars that teaching instructors jump in to do partner work. Both Iain and Don were kind enough to train with me, making this event one of the best seminars this year.

Don sensei was teaching applications of Rohai kata, which I don’t know and have neverdownload studied. They were very interesting applications and in some way familiar to me in terms of applying techniques. Don’s movements remind me of Artur’s (my teacher) approach which suited me and felt natural. I think because of this familiarity I really enjoyed exploring Rohai and I’m going to add it to my repertoire.

Overall I’m very happy that I decided to go for this seminar and I highly recommend that if you have the chance to train with either Don Came or Iain Abernethy that you go for it – you won’t regret it!


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  1. A great review. I can sense the excitement and genuine honesty in the way you write. Keep learning brother I’m right there beside you.

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