Naihanchi – Opening Section

This is a dojo footage covering a bunkai for the first sequence of Naihanchi. Apologies for the not great quality, it was not planned recording, as I was asked to upload more on the subject of Naihanchi i decided to share this clip. To learn and practice this application please seek instruction under the supervision of a qualified Sensei. Thanks for watching!…. Kind regards, Les

Anxiety effects on Kata performance – Naihanchi

Hi all,

It was a while I joined in  conversation due to busy family life, last week I thought i will record some kata at the dojo.

That night was sleepless due to baby not well, day was not great either -toddler become a terrorist and did not cooperate at all, our baby girl was not well and grumpy all day. i was tired and frustrated, also my anxiety kicked in (which you can see on the clip, nervously looking around).

My perfect Naihanchi never happened, more I tried more mistakes I made. My performance dropped about 60% (personal opinion) best what I could do is to stop and let it go, with the plan to do better next time.

What coping strategies you guys and girls have i this type situations?

Kind regards