From Kata to Fighting – Technique Development

 In this clip we focus on developing the throw Uki Goshi.  We start by working on the technique in an allowing environment (i.e. our partner lets us throw him) and work up to including the technique in general sparring.  This throw is extracted as a bunkai from the kata Sanchin

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  1. Fascinating! There’s a similar movement in the TKD form Taegeuk Chil Jang — I wonder if the intent is the same? Anyway, great blog and video series you’re creating. This level of detail, carried through from forms to one-steps to sparring, is spot on.

    • Hi Robert Thank you for kind words. I think intent is very similar as TKD is based on karate, that’s why forms are very similar.

      • You’re welcome! Hahaha, yes indeed. In the old days they used to call TKD “Korean Karate.” At the dojang where I studied in the 80s, the master called it Tangsoodo and we trained hard styled. We did many Karate forms, sparred with no pads, hit makiwara and forging post, trained very old school. Then the master joined up with Jhoon Rhee, added pads, and started calling it Korean Karate. By the time I got my black belt in ’89 he was calling it Taekwondo and we were doing WTF forms. Body toughening was gone, meditation was gone, it was totally different. Nowadays, if you say TKD is based on Karate, they want to say it’s based on native arts, which is only slightly true. I guess it’s human nature to evolve and lose track of where you started. It’s up to good teachers to remind us of the path.

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