Month: December 2016

OMOIYARI – Philosophy

“Strong and caring people are the pillars of society and Karate helps cultivate them.” Les Bubka Omoiyari is one of the Japanese expressions that is very difficult to explain to a non-Japanese person. Some say it is thoughtfulness or as Sugiyama Lebra defines Omoiyari “the ability and willingness […]


Seiza “proper sitting” Throughout the early history of Japan various ways of sitting were regarded as ‘proper’, such as sitting cross-legged, sitting with one knee raised, or sitting to the side. People’s social circumstances, clothing styles, and the places where they sat naturally brought about their manners of […]

Fu Gen Jikkou

  In every aspect of life we meet people who say “Don’t worry you can count on me. I’ll be there.”  However, when it comes to take action they do not due to a change in their circumstances. The same situation occurs in the dojo as many students […]

Kihon Kata

In our style there are three Kihon Kata, this forms are design as transition from traditional  Kata (self-defence) to modern sports sparring, hope you will enjoy the clip. If you would like to support us subscribe to our channel.

Kumite Dachi

Kumite Dachi- Fighting Stance, eight basic steps for our style of Karate About the author: Les Bubka is an experienced martial artist, personal trainer and therapist who specialises in posture, mobility and Karate.  Les works with a wide variety of clients including martial artists and athletes as well […]

Ko Gaku Shin  Philosophy

  Ko Gaku Shin – Keep your mind open to learning. We must remember to constantly learn and study. Always be a student…. As we continue to expand our knowledge and become an expert in our field, regardless of whether this is as a hobby or profession, we […]

Breath in Karate

Breathing is one of the basic functions of our body, part of an autonomous system. We do not have to learn how to do it, we are born with this ability. If you look at a baby breathing you can see that there is no struggle, breaths are […]