Month: September 2016

Posture Modulates Action Perception

Have you ever wondered if your posture influences your actions? Marius Zimmermann, Ivan Toni, and Floris P. de Lange did, and published a paper on the subject of “Body Posture Modulates Action Perception” on 3rd of April 2013.  It is a fascinating read on the effects that our […]

Is Sitting Harmful to Your Health?

Modern lifestyle has forced us into spending much of the time in a sitting position. Most of us sit a lot through the day. We sit to eat breakfast, travelling to and from work sitting in a car or train/bus, resting on the chair while working. After we […]

Mobility Workshop

Many thanks to those that attended my mobility seminar today. I hope you all benefited from the mobility exercises and I look forward to receiving your feedback. Please find below some pictures from the session.