Month: July 2016

Why I don’t like boxercise

Please note that this article is not intended to criticise individual instructors, but rather a comment against the current system of education and qualifications in pad work.  I love training and teaching pad work routines.  Using pads is an integral part of martial arts training and brings great […]

Mawashi Uke

This video demonstrates our way of viewing use of the technique in this case Mawashi Uke. Off balancing- Kuzushi or Nage Joint locks- Tuite or Kansetsu waza Strikes – Atemi Apologies for bad quality, video was done quickly after training session 🙂

Unexpected friends

Doing my diploma in Personal Training and specialisation in posture with preparation for starting my own business gave me some free time on my hands. Spending all that time thinking about how to make my company grow was driving me to frustration and stress. After few days of […]

Taiso at our club

Short clip from our Taiso classes, group performing modified Tensho kata, age range from 36 to 82 years young. I’m very proud to be involved in this project with awesome people!


Working with wide a range of clients from professional athletes to office workers and from teenagers to seniors I have noticed that a significant number of them have poor balance.  I have always been told that balance issues are more associated with the older generation.  With time we […]

Seminar in Poland

This year our governing body, Isshindo Kan, organised an international seminar in Poland. Over the weekend we had a chance to meet new people from across the organisation and to practice a variety of different martial arts systems. This year I was asked to introduce and teach mobility […]