Life purpose – what would you do if…

A few days ago I was visiting one of my friends. I love to talk to Marek as he always has something interesting to say. This man has always his own opinion on any subject and I don’t know many so knowledgeable people this bloke is run by an urge to know everything!

New Microsoft PowerPoint PresentationWhen we meet we like to talk for hours about philosophy, different views on life and current events. I respect Marek for other reasons too. He is painfully honest. He will say what he thinks no matter how upsetting this might be for you. Maybe because I am the same that is why we love to talk to each other.

This time Marek asked me a question. It was a very intriguing question. He mentioned that when speaking to other friends not many people can definitely answer it. He was sure I can as he described me with “You are different” I don’t know if I should be happy or worried and the question is:

If there was no limit to money what would you do in life?”

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Damn this is a good question and he was right. Without thinking I answered that Karate is what I want to do, to be precise to help people through Karate.

Marek exploded with “I knew it! You are one of the most focused people I know and you are realising your goal”. Again he is right as I do teach Karate to help people of all ages.

This conversation made me think about it and as time goes by I can see that there are so many people traveling through life without clear purpose, they do not know what do they want to do.

Another thing that I have discovered since I had developed my clear vision of who I want to be, and I realising bit by bit my dreams I stopped to expect outcomes, I enjoy doing things just for the experience of doing it.  I have to say that my life become less stressful and more enjoyable now I can really say that I’m happy.

I hope that more people will find their purpose in life and can achieve their dream.

Sometimes what we need to see things clearly is other person’s question with their point of view. Love to chat to Marek such a nice guy.

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  1. That’s exactly what I always say too! If I had unlimited funds, I’d open a massive location, have classes ALL day and night, hire a lot of awesome staff, offer free training to disadvantaged persons, help the community and the world, and oh man SO much more!

    I’m insanely passionate about the martial arts, I just wasn’t given the funds to support my epic visions, but I will work so hard with what I do have, and I’ll keep trying to do the best I can and help as many as possible discover the beauty of martial arts.

    I wish there were people like you in my everyday life Les, as I’ve felt very alone on this journey or with people who don’t really “get it”. It’s nice to know there’s people out there on the internet who understand the passion for this stuff!

  2. I felt like that for over 10 years, but slowly following dreams I have found right people 🙂 just keep doing what you do and life will find the way to help you 🙂 Thanks for your comment and keep up the good work. Ps sorry for late replay I have missed this comment , Apologies

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