Month: May 2016

What is Taiso

A group of not so young people starts to gather at the hall, buzzing from the excitement, happily chatting about new moves that they are going to do today and which moves from last week they remember. The hall is quickly filled with a group, with ages varying […]

Mobility vs Flexibility

In teaching Karate I see a lot of students struggle with kicking, moving and standing in stances. Whenever I discuss this with people they say that it is due to a lack of flexibility.  Most of them focus their efforts on improving their flexibility.  So they stretch and […]

The Welcome Project

Two months have now passed since I started working in cooperation with The Welcome Project to provide Karate classes as a form of activity for people that suffer with mental health issues.  It is widely recognised that physical activity has a very positive impact on mental wellbeing and […]

Seminar with Jesse Enkamp

Browsing through Facebook yesterday and came across seminar with Jesse Enkamp not far from where I live. So I have booked myself on it. Looking forward to meet Jesse hope it will be good training session. More about Jesse