Month: April 2016

Use of Gedan Barai

In this short article I will look at a way in which we use Gedan Barai in our school.  There are plenty of applications for this technique.  Some use it as a block/parry or, as in our case, as an attack.  There is no right or wrong way […]

Learning Model at Shin Ai Do

In life we constantly learn new skills.  Starting from a young age we are introduced to different models of learning.  In Karate just like in other subjects we have to have a structure of progression through the education levels. In our Karate style we have a simple and […]

Maki no gi

This short clip shows how I fold my Gi, as I have opened two new dojos, this video might help students to learn this way. There is lot of ways to fold your karate suit, I have been told this way by my teacher and that is how […]