Firing up the club…..

In September 2015 I felt that I had had enough of martial arts. As a result I made the decision to shut down my club and to rethink in which direction I want to take my passion for martial arts. I had been downloadlost in mixing Karate, Wrestling and Boxing as the combination had led to confusion. Trying to fit all of the concepts together had resulted in a drop in teaching quality for my students. I have explained this issue in one of my previous articles so I will not dwell on it here.
When I moved to the U.K. I was reluctant to make money on teaching martial arts as I thought I might lose my passion for it. In reality, by fighting against this I have not been able to focus on martial arts enough, which ironically led to me losing passion for it. In the nine years that I have spent in the UK I have mistreated my Karate and had followed the fashion of focussing on MMA. I had pushed aside Karate and in the back of my mind considered it to be a lesser art. When teaching I was also subconsciously trying to please everybody – I worried what they will think about what and how I teach. Realising that my interest in martial arts was starting to wane I concluded it would be best to close the club and have a break

12592351_1678773465694202_6825074418275605908_nAfter five months of no martial arts I felt an emptiness and that something was missing in my life. Following a few coincidences (or perhaps fate) Karate is back in my life stronger than ever and I now have a sense of clarity of where I want to take it or perhaps I should say, where it wishes to lead me. I may have given up on Karate, but it did not give up on me.
Martial arts seminar opportunities are now unfolding before me; the more I go to the more offers I receive to teach at events. I am also surprised to see that the number of people contacting me about joining my club has increased substantially.

12669701_1678652079039674_8880286587380242706_nEven my work leads me to Karate. By chance I have been invited to run Karate classes as therapy sessions by the charity organisation, The Welcome Project. Another surprising event was chatting with a group that I volunteer with about creating Karate sessions for seniors. This meditative form of Karate is based on kata exercises. This is a very intriguing concept that I will embark on from the beginning of March. The classes will be called Taiso (the Japanese for exercises).Untitled

All of this makes me think that maybe it is my path in life to teach Karate. Given this I am restoring the club and have started to promote it, only this time I will just be teaching the Karate that I know and love.I wait nervously to see where this path is going to take me.