Changes, changes, changes!

Hi there. It has been some time since I wrote an article, but I have accomplished my goals (short term) and I am able to write again. When I started this year with a clear view of what I want to do and signed up for all my courses, I was convinced that I knew precisely what I was looking for and had a plan.Well life, as always, has different opinion on our vision.


Starting my studies I was dedicated to being a personal trainer in the martial arts environment. This was what I wanted to do; teach people martial arts and get them fit through them. I know I am good at it and my courses have built my self-esteem and confidence in the way that I am teaching. Yet through the qualification in back alignment and going through different stages of personal training qualification I have discovered that actually I enjoy helping people and have a gift for it. All this convinced me to scrap my previous plan and adapt to a new reality.

The result of this is that I have signed up for more specialist courses in posture corrections and decided to commit solely to bad posture problems.


April is a new tax year in the UK and I have decided to start a company dedicated to help people who suffer because of bad postural habits. At the moment all is nearly ready for the launch.

During my studies I had a chance to test my approach on a few friends and got very reassuring feedback. Actually I am overwhelmed with the response and amount of people asking for help. Initially starting with four friends, now after a few weeks I have a queue of ten people waiting for my company to start operating. This fills me with optimism and confidence that what I plan to do is the right thing.


This approach makes me realise that I prefer to have martial arts training as a hobby that is why there will be some changes to structure of the club, after consultation with regular students we have decided that club will no longer actively search for students. If someone wants to progress their martial arts study our doors are open to all. This way we can focus on our development and stick to the program of progression.

Back to posture, working with one of my friends and her problem.  Her case is that neck stiffness is much greater with changes of mood especially anxiety, this body response baffled me.

picture from
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I started to do research on this topic and it comes up that this is not necessary a muscle problem as I thought, new studies show it may be to do with Fascia. As Fascia can respond to change of mood and possibly stiffens and as it is building itself to get stronger within a repetitive movements pattern it might cause stiffness and bad posture. This mechanism would match symptoms of my friend where she is working behind desk for eight hours a day and her head is leaning forwards. Adaptation of Fascia would be made stronger in this position to support muscles. Due to stress this structure would stiffen up and immobilise the muscles causing neck pain. More about this problem can be found in a great article below. .

All interesting stuff and so much more to learn for me!

Thanks for reading