Something completely different

I am very passionate about martial arts and sports and so I devote a lot of my time and energy to learning about it.  As with everything sometimes we can overload ourselves with information or just simply tire of it.  I think that we can tire of a subject even if it is our greatest passion; there is only a certain amount of capacity in our brains that we can dedicate to one topic.


Once we have reached this point, what do we do then?  For me personally my approach is to focus on something completely different…  When I have had enough of sports science or martial arts I turn to my love of cars.  I especially love Japanese cars and reading about motoring takes my brain on a different path so the sporting part of my brain can have a rest.  I am fortunate enough to have my dream car, although it needs a bit of work to bring it back to its former glory.

DSC_2121 -1hc

Working on this project gives me a great amount of satisfaction and makes me relaxed, allowing me to recharge my passion for martial arts and sports.  With my mind diverted to cars momentarily I would like to share with you my video and blog about motoring.  I hope you will enjoy something completely different for a change

Here you can fing great pictures of the cars  Car Venture

Functional Movement Guru

Starting with a bit of an update on my course.   I have successfully completed my gym instructor qualification and am now getting ready for an exam on nutrition.


As a part of my plan to share interesting information from others whilst I am busy, I would like to draw your attention to this excellent article by Bret Contreras which focuses on Functional Training and how this term is often abused.  Happy reading! 🙂


How to become a functional movement guru in 40 easy steps

Myths in Karate


Due to the very intense nature of the training courses that I am doing at the moment I will be unable to write any articles for the next few weeks.  However I will endeavour to share interesting articles, videos and photos that I have come across.

Hopefully after a few weeks my work will calm down a bit so that I can write more.   I hope that you will enjoy reading this blog and the articles I have chosen to share.

This week I would like to share quite an old article by Jesse Enkamp who runs a brilliant blog, “Karate by Jesse”.  If you do not follow this blog already then I would highly recommend it as there is a lot of useful information and interesting views on Karate and martial arts there.

Karate myth busting