Clicks and pains in the shoulder

Some of my friends complain about pain that they experience in the front of the shoulders along with a clicking noise emanating from the shoulder joint.  Their focus is on the shoulder as the obvious source of pain and so they try to rest it.  In these cases the shoulder gets all of the attention, but is this appropriate?  If we look closer at the anatomy of that region, we can see that there are bicep attachments that go into the shoulder via the intertubercular groove.  This grove is on average 4-6mm in depth, but for about 20% of people this groove is less than 3mm in depth.  If the groove is shallow the rubbing of the bicep attachments is more intense and there is a higher risk of biceps tendinitis or tearing.

Pain in the front of the shoulder is often caused by inflammation of the long tendon of the biceps, but as the pain is localised within the shoulder people assume that they are suffering with a shoulder injury.  A remedy for this type of pain is to limit abrasion of the tendon by reducing the range of motion during exercises involving the chest, shoulders, back and arms.

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  1. I’ve had this exact condition for some time now. Good to know I need to limit range of motion! Wow I’m really glad you posted this!

  2. I have exactly the same thing, my shoulders both click when i rotate my arms in a wide circle. I’m worried that this will only get worse if i keep working my shoulders. Anyone got any advice?

    • Visit doctor, eat more collagen, natural gelatine or glucosamine. Clicking it self does not mean you will have problems in the future. If you training paying attention to your body, most injuries is avoidable 🙂

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