Trip to Poland

Since last week a lot has happened and so I have been very busy!


I must start with a short review of our annual wresting seminar, which this year was a bit smaller than expected.  However, as we say in Poland “there isn’t a bad thing that doesn’t turn out to be good” or “Nie ma tego złego co by na dobre nie wyszło”!  With less people we had more space on the mats and so coach Marek and his assistant, Klaudia, could pay more attention to our techniques.  As always the knowledge and skills of coach Marek is astounding as he is able to change our performance dramatically just by making a few tweaks to our technique execution.


We would like to give a big thanks to our guests for their time!

In addition to the seminar we also welcomed our guests along with the participants to a dinner, which is now turning into something of a tradition…  The meal was delicious and we are very grateful to Anna who cooked for all of us.


We also managed to fit in a trip to Hampton Court Palace so our guests could find out a little bit about the history of England.  The palace is an extraordinary place, both in terms of its beauty and history.  I would definitely recommend visiting.


With the busy weekend gone there was still no rest for me as I joined our friends on their way back to Poland.   I spent the whole week back in my home town of Kraków, training at our Hombu Dojo with Sensei Artur.


As I mentioned in my New Year’s article, I have also started studying soft joint manipulation therapy.  I was very excited about this new experience as it puts me right out of my comfort zone.  Training-wise it was great fun to visit the Hombu and I have been given some great tips about training and technique.  I also had the pleasure of joining our friend, Grzegorz, at his dojo for ju jitsu training.


Whilst in Kraków I embarked on an intense study regime that covered the mechanics of body alignment and how to correct misplaced joints.  It was amazing to see first-hand how this method works, for example I had the joy of seeing the benefits gained by an 86 year old lady with Parkinsons disease who had been able to regain her mobility thanks to realignment treatment sessions.


After covering the theory and a few practice sessions I was able to start performing treatments under the supervision of my teacher.  I have to say that I was surprised at how quickly the sensitivity of my hands improved.  On the first day I could not feel different levels of muscle tension but now after a week I find them easy to spot.   It was a great week and very satisfying on a personal level – there is a lot of work ahead of me, but I am definitely looking forward to it!

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