Month: January 2015

Evolution of Sanchin Kata

Going through my video library I have come across an old video that captures the possible evolution of Sanchin kata. On the video we can see demonstrations by the following masters: Pan of Yong Chun Village – Yong Chun White Crane , Chen Jian Feng – Wushu Guan, […]

Clicks and pains in the shoulder

Some of my friends complain about pain that they experience in the front of the shoulders along with a clicking noise emanating from the shoulder joint.  Their focus is on the shoulder as the obvious source of pain and so they try to rest it.  In these cases the […]

Trip to Poland

Since last week a lot has happened and so I have been very busy! I must start with a short review of our annual wresting seminar, which this year was a bit smaller than expected.  However, as we say in Poland “there isn’t a bad thing that doesn’t […]

Start of 2015

Hi all, I hope that you had a great Christmas break and were able to enjoy the festive season!  I was lucky enough to spend my holidays with my family and friends in my native Poland.  I haven’t spent Christmas at home for around eight years so I […]