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13 03 2015 Update

Unfortunately some of participants still not send data to analysis, so within month or so I will do summary of date which was delivered and will post results 🙂

In our club we practice mixed martial arts.  We cooperate with a few other clubs across the world in order to learn new ways of training, finding the most effective way to execute techniques and identifying those that work best in a real fight.  I was therefore delighted to be invited by one of our friends from Jukado Kempo Poland to take part in their study.  Everyone that is a part of this study selects a fighter from MMA and reviews his/her career – examining the offensive and defensive techniques that have worked the best.  These techniques will be grouped into the following categories:

  • Stand up
  • Take down
  • Ground work

We hope that by analysing the results we will be able to determine the most efficient fighting techniques and combinations.  Based on this we can then create an optimised training programme.  For my part of the study I will be investigating the favourite techniques of Lyoto Machida.  I hope that this will be a fruitful and enjoyable experience.  Our timeframe for the research is until the New Year, but it might be extended depending on the number of participants.  I will post updates and results soon as possible 🙂

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  1. As long as there is a discernible difference between fighting for points or true self defense. In a match, there is a stopping point when one is poked in the eye, ear slapped, kicked or punched in the groin, sustains a knife hand to the throat, and other techniques. In a true self defense situation, these techniques and others may have to employed to dispatch the assailant quickly, so that you can focus on the presumed others that are willing to do harm.

    • Excluding wepon attack, what is true selfdefence? I belive that sport training like mma, boxing, muay thay and other full contact fighting prepare us better to fight in real fight than other systems with gouging eyes and othere deadly techniques. Explenation to this is in “Kano paradox ” or “Judo paradox” as you cannot realistically train deadly or harming technique. But that is my opinion, this study is about sport fighting and what works in a all round fighting 🙂
      Thank you for your comment!

      • I agree. I thought you were separating sport fighting and self defense. I agree with you that we cannot fully train to use deadly tactics due to the risk of injury or death, but we can train for a preparedness to use these techniques. In my own opinion, true self defense would be the need to respond to a threat to do bodily harm. In regards to your comment on weapons attacks, are we not using our bodies as the weapon or is this in regards to an inanimate object, (knife, bottle, club…)? I am not trying to say that one thing or a style is better, just raising curiosity for myself. (A friendly discussion)

      • Weapons i mean knife etc. I take all comments as friendly conversation, that’s why I have blog :-). Totally agree to self defense as mind set up and awerness to avoid and predict dangers. 🙂

  2. Extremely interesting! I am anxious to know the results of your reasearch. Seems like a similar concept to what the Gracies did with Gracie Combatives: review all the family foght footage, and note all the techniques used the most so you van put t together into an efficient program.

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