Here is a great article by Chris Manson from “Wanna be big”.  It is about the contradictions that occur in the world of fitness and how to scrutinise new trends with a critical view and common sense.  This approach can be easily applied to martial arts where every year one organisation or other comes out with ‘new’ old discoveries, for example “we have found an ancient scroll that describes a way of training as done by the old masters…”  We have to examine all the methods of training with common sense and objectivity, cross-checking these ideas with modern science.  I have heard so many times from instructors how techniques should be performed with detailed explanations given, but when you analyse their description it turns out to be against the natural biomechanics of the body.  It is at this point that common sense should kick in!  I hope you will enjoy this article as I did.

contradictions in fitness – Wanna be big

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