Christmas time


Thursday was our last session of our training in 2014.  I would like to wish all of our students, friends and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2014 has been a busy year for our club.  We have done lots of activities having travelled abroad and within the UK meeting new friends and revisiting old ones.  We have hosted several seminars from small to large for example having focussed sessions for Jukado Kempo, Wresting and Ju Jitsu right through to an International Budo Seminar.  This is all in our past and we are now looking forward to 2015 where we have an equally packed schedule.  Starting in January, we will host our annual Wresting seminar.  In February I will face my own sporting challenges as I embark on an intensive personal training course.  In March we will host a Jukado Kempo seminar, which will be closely followed by a trip to Poland for an international Shorinji Kempo seminar in April.  As is becoming tradition, we will be going to Poland for an amazing Summer Camp in August that will be devoted to climbing – always useful to acquire new skills…  This takes us just up to the summer – more exciting events will be planned in due course!

Christmas is a time when a lot of us start to think about New Year’s resolutions.  Perhaps taking up a martial art will be one of them?  Becoming a part of our club would give you the chance to experience quality training as well as opportunities to travel to learn and meet likeminded people.  All of this with the added benefits of making new friends and getting stronger, fitter and healthier.

Classes will resume on Tuesday the 6th of January 2015, as always all welcome!

During the Christmas holidays I will also be taking a break from this blog as I will be dedicating my time to my family.  I will be back in January, hopefully with new ideas and interesting articles J

Thank you very much for supporting this blog and our club.

Best wishes, Les.

Mma analytics project

 Pic from http//www.greenbookblog.orgwp-conten
Pic from http//www.greenbookblog.orgwp-conten

13 03 2015 Update

Unfortunately some of participants still not send data to analysis, so within month or so I will do summary of date which was delivered and will post results 🙂

In our club we practice mixed martial arts.  We cooperate with a few other clubs across the world in order to learn new ways of training, finding the most effective way to execute techniques and identifying those that work best in a real fight.  I was therefore delighted to be invited by one of our friends from Jukado Kempo Poland to take part in their study.  Everyone that is a part of this study selects a fighter from MMA and reviews his/her career – examining the offensive and defensive techniques that have worked the best.  These techniques will be grouped into the following categories:

  • Stand up
  • Take down
  • Ground work

We hope that by analysing the results we will be able to determine the most efficient fighting techniques and combinations.  Based on this we can then create an optimised training programme.  For my part of the study I will be investigating the favourite techniques of Lyoto Machida.  I hope that this will be a fruitful and enjoyable experience.  Our timeframe for the research is until the New Year, but it might be extended depending on the number of participants.  I will post updates and results soon as possible 🙂



Here is a great article by Chris Manson from “Wanna be big”.  It is about the contradictions that occur in the world of fitness and how to scrutinise new trends with a critical view and common sense.  This approach can be easily applied to martial arts where every year one organisation or other comes out with ‘new’ old discoveries, for example “we have found an ancient scroll that describes a way of training as done by the old masters…”  We have to examine all the methods of training with common sense and objectivity, cross-checking these ideas with modern science.  I have heard so many times from instructors how techniques should be performed with detailed explanations given, but when you analyse their description it turns out to be against the natural biomechanics of the body.  It is at this point that common sense should kick in!  I hope you will enjoy this article as I did.

contradictions in fitness – Wanna be big