Stronger neck


In martial arts the function of the neck is very important.  A strong and flexible neck improves the absorption of shock to the head when hit, pulled, falling over or defending a choke.  When fighting on the floor a strong neck can be used to enable a powerful lift and can support the weight of our body and that of our opponent.

From my experience of training I have found that some martial artists do not pay much attention to neck training, especially in Karate.  In our club neck training is a big part of our workouts.  For us the strength of the whole spine and its flexibility is taken very seriously as a strong and flexible back allows fluent and quick multidirectional movement, which is essential to fighting and injury prevention.

Below you can see a few of the basic exercises that we perform.  Please note, DO NOT attempt to do these exercises at home without the supervision of a qualified instructor as if done incorrectly or if done excessively they can injure the neck.

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