Month: November 2014

Stronger neck

In martial arts the function of the neck is very important.  A strong and flexible neck improves the absorption of shock to the head when hit, pulled, falling over or defending a choke.  When fighting on the floor a strong neck can be used to enable a powerful […]

Biomechanical Black Magic

This week I would like to share with you superb article by Greg Nuckols from Strength and Science, about biomechanics of the squat. Greg knowledge is impressive and I think all of the athletes who perform squats should read his articles! Have good read! squats are not hip […]

Kids, martial arts and mental health

I am a martial artist and I have always been told that practicing martial arts is beneficial for both adults and children.  For adults we can see the advantages in terms of improved fitness, psychological benefits and better coordination and self-defence skills.  Many adults report that they benefit […]