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Video about Thigh Kick/Mawashi Geri Gedan

Last week I published an article about Mawashi Geri Gedan.  Although I can describe the details in writing I felt that it was all a bit “dry” as it forces us to use our imagination and is open to different interpretations.  Consequently this week I thought I would provide a short video on the subject of thigh kicks.

Apologies that the video is not very professional. It was recorded during one of our training sessions and I did not want to waste any of my student’s time in all the setting up etc.  The clip itself is to illustrate the general movement of Mawashi Geri Gedan, if you are looking for further details please refer to our post “How To – Thigh Kick/Mawashi Geri Gedan”.

Enjoy watching.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my site. Your posts are reminding me of the great workouts in the dojo during my Shotokan studies. I’ve always utilized the katas I learned as an Important tool in my fitness routine. Seniors like myself can benefit greatly from the benefits afforded from the study of Shotokan.

    The Senior Health and Fitness Blog.

    • Thanks for comment, I like the idea of seniors attending martial arts classes. At my club we have few students +50 and I have to say they have more heart to training than young people.

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