Month: October 2014

Budo seminar Greece

My personal favourite was the Tai Chi session – being a Karate practitioner it made a nice change to use the exercise of a martial art for calming purposes. A.KB Our club recently took part in a Budo seminar in Athens. This event was organised by our friend […]

Man walk again !

This is so incredible that have to be shared! Below you can find article about successful transplanting cells from  nasal cavity into  spinal cord which make  this man able to walk again! Man walks again

Training and the immune system

This week I would like to have a closer look at the relationship between training and health.  There is no doubt that engaging in regular physical activities improves our health.  Exercising increases the production of white blood cells, which are responsible for our immune response to infections.  In […]

Video about Thigh Kick/Mawashi Geri Gedan

Last week I published an article about Mawashi Geri Gedan.  Although I can describe the details in writing I felt that it was all a bit “dry” as it forces us to use our imagination and is open to different interpretations.  Consequently this week I thought I would […]

Thigh Kick/ Mawashi Geri Gedan

This article covers how to perform thigh kicks or in Japanese, Mawashi Geri Gedan.  Around the world different martial arts and combat sports have a variety of methods for teaching and executing this technique.  Which one is the best?  The answer to this question is simple – the […]