Month: September 2014

Summer Camp 2015

Summer 2015 our club will visit Poland Where we will experience climbing and potholing, below you can find few pictures from our last journey 🙂 More pictures at


In this article I will focus on different types of squats.  First off, how should we perform them – a full squat or just a little bit?  There are a lot of opinions.  For some very deep squats work better and others struggle to perform them.  Why do […]


For years I had done the traditional approach to stretching in martial arts training.  This consisted of a general warm up followed by static stretching, which then moved onto kicks, punches and whatever else was being taught in the session.   Using this approach I was not able to […]

Seminar Review

Last weekend our club hosted an International Budo Seminar where we had various martial arts instructors demonstrating and teaching their arts. Personally for me this event was a great success, especially as I was initially worried that we would have only limited attendance. In the end we had […]