Seminar Schedule


Seminar Schedule

With only a few weeks left until our seminar we are delighted to be seeing more and more people registering.  To keep you all up-to-date, please find below a detailed schedule for the day (note that this may be subject to minor changes as a result of unforeseen circumstances).   Unfortunately we have had to make a few changes to the programme as Sensei Jacek will no longer be able to join us due to work commitments.  As a replacement we have invited our great friend Sensei Marek who is an annual guest at our club.  However, as is often the case with the best laid plans, we might have to make a late substitution for Sensei Marek as he has just recently broken his leg and it is not yet clear if he will be able to teach by the end of August.  We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him at the seminar in any case.

Plan for the 31st of August 2014:

  • 9:00        – Arena opens (please make sure you are on time as we will not wait!)
  • 9:15        – Opening of the seminar with instructor introductions
  • 9:20        – General warm up
  • 9:30        – Zendo Ryu with Kyoshi Dietmar Schmidt (Greece)
  • 10:40     – Ju jitsu with Renshi Jim Rooney (UK)
  • 11:50     – Kempo with Sensei  Marek Mroszczyk (Poland), please note that in the event that Sensei Marek is unable to teach Sensei Les will teach a Wresting session.
  • 12:30     – Lunch break. Please note that lunch is not provided.  For those who do not bring their own lunch the Spectrum has a coffee bar and a Wimpy.
  • 12:50     – Return for afternoon session. 
  • 13:00     – Demonstration of Seitei and Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu sword work by Hanshi Roger Payne and his students.
  • 13:15     – Shin Ai Do Karate with Sensei Artur  Marchewka (Poland)
  • 14:25     – Aikido with Hanshi Roger Payne (UK)
  • 15:30     – Closing ceremony

I might be being a bit pedantic but please be prompt so that we can stick to the timetable. By doing this you are showing respect to our guests, friends and to the other attendees. Another thing I would like to ask is that all attendees aim to promote a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.  This event is aimed at providing the opportunity to meet new friends, see how others train and enjoy Martial Arts in general.  In support of this aim we seek to avoid any politics.

Please note that for insurance purposes we will ask you to provide some details prior to the start of the seminar (next of kin contact information, pertinent health concerns etc.), so once again I would like to stress that it is important that everyone arrives on time so that we are not delayed.

I hope that this event will be memorable and fruitful for all of us! New knowledge, new friendships and little discoveries – feel free to ask as many questions as you like, all of the instructors are friendly and approachable.

See you soon,

Regards Les.  

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