How to get a great massage

Really good post from Rockstaryoga, about massage therapy. Massage can be used as part of recovery after workouts, hope you will enjoy it. If you looking for great massage in Guildford area we recommend” Total Massage & Beauty Therapies”

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This may be more for the first timer but I’m sure more experienced massage goers can get a tip or two here.

First Comminicate
What is it that you like? Even if you have never had a massage before you know you better than anyone. I’m sure you have had someone “rub” your shoulders. What pressure did you like? I’m sure you have some sort of an idea. Don’t ever be afraid to speak up during your session. What feels good to one client may not on the next, so weather it’s the therapists technique, pressure or combination of the two your therapist can always adjust. I’ve heard many times you are the therapist, you know best. While there is some truth to that if my client can’t relax my client won’t get the most out of his or her treatment. We are massage therapists not mind readers. Please interrupt…

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