Seminar Sunday

This week I would like to remind you all about our International Budo Seminar, especially as this event will be the first in the UK organised by myself and our club


In the past I have done a few big seminars in Poland that have been mainly for our organisation, Shin ai do Karate, and Idokan Europa Poland.


Idokan Europa Polska

Upon moving to the UK in 2007 I decided to start a small club and slowly develop a base for this kind of gathering. Now, seven years and a few small seminars later here we are with my first attempt at organizing a larger seminar.


Shin ai do karate seminar UK


Personally, I do not expect crowds, but I am sure that all who attend will have fun and benefit from quality teaching that is free from politics.  In my experience I have often attended seminars that were dominated by politics, with attendees trying to entice others to join their organisations with the promise of higher grades etc.  For me one of the most important aspects of a seminar is to train and learn, even if I only learn one small detail the seminar will have been worth it.  This detail normally comes when I least expect it and from a person who I would not have thought of.

After nearly twenty years of taking part in lots of events and seeing some that were absolutely amazing and others that were appalling I started to wonder, what is it that makes a good seminar?  Is it the instructors who teach? Is it a good workout? Or simply the atmosphere created by the attendees?

I think it is probably a little of all of these. For me the main point is to be clear with people in terms of what they should expect.  If we are planning to do a seminar which will focus on technical aspects I will not say that there will be a hard workout, however, from the other side when we do an event focused on strength and conditioning I will not say we will do advanced kata techniques and so on…

Very important for me is the choice of instructors, not just from the technical aspect of their art/ sport but for their personality. If I was on a seminar and I was approached with political offers, like changing association, jumping through grades etc. there is no chance that this type of person will be invited by me to teach. If I have the right instructors I am pretty sure that there will be a great atmosphere at a seminar and judging by our previous seminars I am confident that this one will encourage a friendly environment that will promote positive learning.

On various seminars I have noticed that many people are afraid to ask questions.  At our seminars we encourage people to ask questions as that is the main point of our coming together to see and try what others do. When multiple styles and instructors are brought together we can promote martial arts in general much better. Our seminars are open to everyone and we welcome all martial artists and anyone else willing to join in. We welcome spectators as well.

On the 31st of August we will host our International Budo Seminar in Guildford, UK.  We are very lucky to host five teachers from across Europe:

  • Shihan Roger Payne, United Kingdom – Aikido
  • Kyoshi Dietmar Schmidt,  Greece – Karate
  • Renshi Jim Rooney, United Kingdom – Ju Jutsu
  • Sensei Artur Marchewka, Poland – Karate
  • Sensei Marek Mroszczyk, Poland – Kempo

Our teachers

I have great respect for all of these instructors and have been grateful for the opportunity to learn from them. They are from different parts of the world but have similar qualities and all of them are experts in their respective arts. They are all honest, hardworking people with a kind approach to others.  I am very happy that these instructors have agreed to give up their time to join our seminar and I cannot say how thankful I am.  I hope this event will be a success and all of the participants will have a great time and take a little special technique/detail away with them.

In the future we aim to host more instructors and do more open seminars and hopefully year after year our events will grow bigger and stronger.

Hope to see you there!

Thanks for your time!

Please share this with a friend who could find this article helpful or interesting!

Regards, Les.

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