Month: June 2014

Forgotten recovery

How many times have you heard from your teachers, friends or fitness people the phrases “do more”, “try harder”, ” no pain no gain” etc.?  These are all very challenging words that are aimed at pushing you that little bit further in your physical and mental progression, but […]

Components of a Punch

In this article I would like to focus on the components of a front punch. I will try to show the basic mechanics of our body when punching. Our interest will focus on the following four key points of our body: Fist – positioning the fist in relation […]

Do not “Osu” me please!

Do not “Osu” me please! Across karate dojos all over the world we can hear the term “Osu” being used for all manners of expression, from greetings to acknowledgement or even goodbye. Some people use this expression outside of the dojo, for example in shopping centres, cinemas, bbqs […]

Evolutionary face shield?

Evolutionary face shield? Click link above to read great article By Jonathan Webb, looking in to theory that “male ancestors evolved beefy facial features as a defence against fist fights.” Intriguing idea that our ancestors developed face shields to withstand powerful punches to the face. Article suggesting that […]

Seminar Sunday

This week I would like to remind you all about our International Budo Seminar, especially as this event will be the first in the UK organised by myself and our club . In the past I have done a few big seminars in Poland that have been mainly […]